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T he St. Augustine lawn can have multiple issues,  but THESE are the Big 3.

Proper Mowing:      The turf requires a regular mowing program with SHARP MOWER BLADES CUT TALL as possible, we understand this, as we sharpen our blades 3 times weekly and we cut at the tallest setting possible, I like tall grass it's easier to keep healthy, it maintains moisture longer and it shades weeds. 

We hear from most Fertilization company's their #1 response it "your lawn guy is cutting too short" , perhaps they are not responding to other issues such as ...Pest in the turf ...Fungus Issues ....turf selection in shady areas or full sun areas, drainage issues, poor irrigation (this means TOO much some times which created Fungus) 

This Also includes failure to correctly identify turf issues related to Fertilization, many company's love to over do Nitrogen in the Spring which Contributes to "Brown Patch" or "Take All Patch"
Proper Irrigation:      Without proper irrigation St. Augustine has a slim chance of Maintaining a  FULL Green and Healthy. This turf requires 1" of water weekly ...not too much and not too little, also a LONG DEEP watering Once a week is better than 2 short waters weekly. Also check too make sure your getting FULL COVERAGE. Turf in Shady areas needs much LESS water so to reduce Fungus and Root Rot. 
Proper Fertilization & Pesticide Program:      We like to see 6 applications annually, check with your local providers with what they suggest. Ask them of the benefits of which chemical elements they are using.