Fantasy Lawn Inc. Care Service
Statement of Work
Areas of standing water shall not be mowed, as the ground over all appearance is most important

St. Augustine cut lowest at 3.5 inches yearly; summer may require higher settings.

Growing Season: April- October.  Mowing of all turf areas once a week
Dormant Season: November - March.  Mowing of all turf areas once every other week

Basic Monthly Service:
  42 Visits per Year

Mulch Mower: Of all grass areas in a varying pattern, about 1/3 height cut. 
Edging: Metal Edging of all grass borders to plant & garden beds kept to a consistent border, cement or asphalt areas with a stick edger (metal blade) to include all curbs, patios, sidewalks, roadways & driveways.
Weed Eater: Nylon String Trimmer of tall grass, not mowed, around building perimeter, sprinkler heads, etc; careful attention around Tree & Citrus Trunks, so not to “Ring” them.
Blowing:  Lawn debris, grass clippings, dirt shall be blown in a considerable fashion so as not to be noticeable in entrance ways or on cars, curbs, sidewalks, patios, etc.
Litter & General Maintenance: Clean up and disposal of normal litter, trash & debris on Turf Areas.  Storm Damage is Extra.

Full Service:
Extra’s Which Can Be Included with Monthly Billing

Bed Weed Control:  Pulling of large tall weed & then Round Up in areas as necessary, not performed on windy days to prevent drift or on Water Edges, general weed control with Round -Up in the cement crevices, bed areas, A/C area etc. Yearly re mulching should be performed to assist in keeping the beds neat looking and prevent weed growth. 
Trimming of Shrubs, Hedges & Oak Trees: 6-4 times yearly, certain shrubs may not be trimmed in the winter months; trimming shall be performed in a manner that is healthy & beneficial to the plant.
Lower Oak Tree Branches: Maintained to  7’ above turf and 10-12’ over parking areas.

Premium Palm Trimming: Premium Smaller Landscape Palms (under 15’) such as Sago, Robellini & Queens kept in a neat clean state, with yellowing to brown fronds removed.  Hard Trimmed Each Spring.
Pepper Tree Clean Outs: Along fence lines of Common Grounds from encroaching Pepper Trees

Irrigation Inspection: (Access to pump & timer required) Monthly – Weekly During signs of Drought Stress Basic Adjustment, Cleaning – Replacing of broken sprinkler heads 

Shrub Hard Pruning:  November or March
Petite Oleander, Hibiscus & Crape Myrtles Trimming:  Hard Pruned late February.